It's time

hiking retreat

Are you up for a personal challenge? Get to know your inner self during the intense retreat in Gran Canaria.

home retreat

Do you prefer to work safely from home right now? Then work on your personal development for 3 weeks during the home retreat. You can start immediately. 


Do you want to work actively and intensively with entrepreneurship, leadership or cooperation? Then a corporate retreat is for you.


Challenge yourself with these compact 3-day challenges. There are three basic challenges and a new challenge is available every month.



Has the coronavirus also turned your life upside down? And do you think a lot about what your life should look like after this crisis? But don't you have enough time on your hands right now to invest in your future?

I developed a home retreat especially for that purpose. Because exactly now that reflection on your future is so important, a retreat ensures the right focus. In 21 steps to a concrete end result.

working together

winfred van den bor

One of my passions is walking, the greatest problem solver out there. That is exactly why being active and walking are part of my working method. In my own way I guide you on the way to your goal. It makes me happy to empower you. I have years of experience as a coaching manager in politically often complicated organizations. In 2019 I completed the training to become a professional coach. Added up, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in many different situations. So with me you are at the right place for, for example, the next step in your career, the development of your team or to further develop yourself as an entrepreneur.

Take the challenge

hiking retreat

During the walking retreat you will take on the challenge physically and mentally. Brisk walks can be combined with the substantive program and free time. You work on your goal in a small group. For example, getting peace of mind, creating an overview of your life and setting priorities, gaining inspiration or developing specific qualities. And that in a special location in beautiful surroundings. 

Working intensively


During a retreat of one or more days you can take big steps in a short time. You decide what you want to work on. For example, working on your business plan, marketing plan, leadership style or profiling. I provide a special location, a nice walk and intensive talk & do sessions with which we will achieve your goal.

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