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Don't stand still, but look ahead

2020 is a hellish year. Changes or deterioration are flying around your ears and the future is uncertain. You can completely immerse yourself in the negativity. But what good is that?

the 21 steps of Ing

Inge took up the challenge with herself for three weeks in June. Together we look back on 21 inspiring and confrontational steps that may change her life. 

Theater Walhalla

Theater Walhalla wants to respond to the changing composition of Rotterdam's population and therefore wants to work seriously on diversity. They went through the Diversity Approach of City Safari and Schaap en Wolf.

With a goal in mind

Of course it is easy to stand still now. To be resigned to the fact that 2020 has been canceled. And to wallow in the grief about it. The world has not been normal for months and the future is extremely uncertain. An easy excuse to stop looking ahead.

Call: send me a letter!

The world has changed drastically in a few weeks. Thousands of sick people, many who already have to miss loved ones and great anxiety, and there seems to be no end yet. In the meantime, we are often shackled at home all day long and we all try to find our way in this new reality.

Hoarding in times of crisis. How do you react?

I understand those hoarders! I've had to suppress that same tendency several times this week. Although I have not now piled 10 discount packs of toilet paper in the hallway, I also have more food at home than usual.

What you can work on on retreat

My no-nonsense retreat in Gran Canaria makes many people curious. For example, I regularly get questions about the topics someone can work on during the coaching sessions.

Top 3 blogs January

You can't have missed it: I regularly write blogs about coaching, retreats and my own experiences. I really understand that you are not all

Why should i go on a retreat?

You are curious about retreats otherwise you did not come to this blog. Maybe you are already considering going on a retreat or wondering again and again what everyone is talking about. A retreat is withdrawing or isolating yourself. In this blog I will take you through what a retreat can do for you. What you can get there or maybe bring.