coaching for team development

hiking, photography and coaching

You want your team to perform better. For example, by getting everyone on the same page or to improve the communication and efficiency of the team. During this team coaching you will work intensively and actively together.

Team development can be used for a department, management, board or the entire organization.

Do you recognize this?


That everyone is on the same page. That team members value and respect each other. That the team communicates optimally and achieves the best results. 

How great would that be? What would that do for the motivation of the team? And for the appreciation by stakeholders? That is exactly what you achieve with this coaching for team development. 

"with a walk, the mind is given the space to develop new ideas."

“I hate structures devised by others, I am afraid of direction by someone other than myself and I didn't have to think about brainstorming and sticking post-its. To my great surprise, Winfred's approach actually gave air and space to think and sticking those post-its was a surmountable fringe phenomenon. - Marjolijn Masselink

Wandelpad retraite Spanje - Gran Canaria

why walk?

Walking has a special effect on the brain. It calms your brain and neutralizes stress because walking uses those parts of the brain that produce stress hormones. During a walk they are no longer able to do this. The outside air makes your brain function better. By walking in nature for a few days you improve your intellectual capacity up to 50%. It also has a very positive effect on your mood.

why photography?

Everyone sees the world differently and experiences situations differently. That's because each person applies their own perspective. Through photography you can easily learn to look at the world in a different way. For example by zooming in on the details or zooming out on the whole picture. If you are aware of the different perspectives, you can make it easier to reach your goal. Because if you look through the eyes of a different people, you know exactly what they see and what is important to them. 

get inspired

shall we get started?

Winfred van den Bor coaching

I would like to work with you. During an intensive program, we take significant steps together in the development of your team.

Walking is an important part of my approach. Because walking makes something in your lesson. It creates peace and makes room for new ideas and developments. Several studies underline the usefulness of walking in nature.

During the coaching for team development I make grateful use of my many years of experience as a manager within complex organizations and my knowledge as a coach. In this way I contribute in a valuable way to the next step that you can take towards your future. Are you taking the plunge?

This they say

1-day coaching

Together we work a whole day on your chosen goal. We start in the morning at 10:00 am at a special location in Rotterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands. After coffee and tea, we take a brisk walk through the area to clear your mind and unleash creativity. We let ourselves be amazed by the environment during our first conversation. Back on location, we work on your goal for the rest of the day. We do this through active sessions. When necessary, we clear our heads during a short walk. The program is of course interrupted by lunch and finally ends around 5.30 pm. A closing dinner is possible.

A one-day team development is suitable for working very focused on a simple topic. For example, forming a core message, researching common core values or determining goals for the team. 

from € 750

This price does not include VAT.

3-day coaching

Together we work for three days on your chosen goal. Every morning we start with a brisk walk. To clear your mind, gain inspiration and unleash creativity. During the rest of the days, we work intensively on various topics during active sessions. The program includes 2 nights at a special location and all meals. We start the first day at 10 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m. on the third day. 

During a retreat of several days you can go much further in depth than during a single day. For example, sketching a department plan, devising and designing the business strategy or developing a team relationship.

from € 1495

This price does not include VAT.

5 or 7-day coaching

The program is based on the program of the walking retreat in Gran Canaria and can take place both in the Netherlands and in Spain. During this intensive retreat you will face the challenge both physically and mentally. Every day we take a long walk to clear our minds, find inspiration and unleash creativity. During the walks you will receive photo assignments that allow you to look at the world differently. The rest of the day we work on the predetermined goal. There is also room for free time. Meals and refreshments are of course included. The duration and daily schedule depend on the chosen location.

This is the most extensive retreat where you not only want to get started with the content, but also choose to relax, be inspired and recharge. A big step forward in team development.

from € 2495

This price is exclusive of VAT and travel costs.