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You want to take big steps in a short time. For example, because you want to further expand your company, you want to improve your leadership skills or because you want to profile yourself differently. You want to be active and healthy. Then a corporate retreat is definitely for you. In 1 to 7 days you work intensively on your goal. At the same time, you will be challenged sporty with a number of long walks that give you energy and inspiration. This can be done individually or with a group in the Netherlands or in Gran Canaria.

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Do you want to start your own company, are you looking for the right focus to build your company full of energy or do you want to realize a growth ambition? And you don't know exactly how? During a retreat you can take big steps to achieve your goal.

As a starter you can work on a well-founded business plan and a marketing strategy, so that you can get off to a flying start as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs who are looking for a renewed focus, together we ensure that it runs smoothly by investigating the situation and making a plan with you to start again full of energy. And if you want to realize your great ambition, we map out the opportunities and pitfalls, we formulate your ambition carefully and we determine your route to success.

For starting entrepreneurs with a limited budget the Home retreat an alternative. 

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Do you want to manage your team so that they are motivated to work well together, take responsibility or develop their skills? Or do you want to be seen more, get recognition for your work and perhaps even inspire colleagues within and outside your organization with your leadership? Or do you want to take a new step in your career? During a retreat, we investigate how you can best achieve your goal.

If you want to provide coaching leadership, we map your skills and investigate which tools you need to manage your team in a different way. If you want to profile your positioning as a leader, within and outside the organization, we will work with your communication skills and learn to use them strategically. If you want both, we will work with leadership in a goal-oriented manner.

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You want your team to perform better. You will work intensively together during a team retreat.

For example, to have all noses in the team point in the same direction again. For this you take time during the retreat to reflect on each other and agree on the expectations. Moreover, we can make issues negotiable in a safe environment. When the team needs to be better coordinated, we look for the shared values of the team and the organization. We can also look at how to communicate better within the team.


my method

walk. see. change.

You choose what you want to work on during the retreat. The program is fully geared to this. I base myself on my motto Walk. See. Change.

Walking makes your brain work differently and gives you space in your head for other ideas and thoughts. That is why we are often active in topics and we regularly go outside for a long walk.

With see I mean that we keep looking at situations from different points of view. In this way, we discover other ways in which you can profile yourself or, for example, how you can interact with colleagues to achieve better results. We use photos, metaphors and practical examples.

Change is good. It does not mean that you are doing something wrong now, but that you can sometimes work much more effectively in another way. This change is the ultimate goal of our collaboration, because that way you achieve your goal.

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1 day corporate retreat

Together we spend a whole day working on your chosen goal. We start in the morning at 10:00 at a special location with coffee and tea. Then we take a brisk walk through the area to clear the head and unleash creativity. We are amazed by the environment during our first conversation. Back on location, we work on your goal for the rest of the day. We do this through active talk & do sessions. When necessary we clear our head during a short walk. The program is of course interrupted by lunch and finally ends around 5.30 pm. A closing dinner is possible.

A one-day retreat is suitable for working very specifically on a subject. For example, the contours of a business plan, the formation of a core message, research into market opportunities or setting goals with a team. 



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*exclusive of VAT

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3 day corporate retreat

Together we work for three days on your chosen goal. Every morning we start with a brisk walk. To clear the head, gain inspiration and unleash creativity. During the rest of the days we work intensively on various topics during talk & do sessions. The program includes 2 nights at a special location and all meals. We start at 10 a.m. on the first day and finish at 5 p.m. on the third day. 

During a retreat of several days you can go deeper than during a single day. For example, for aligning core values and goals within a team or devising and shaping the business strategy.

for example

5 or 7 day corporate retreat

The program is based on the program of the walking retreat in Gran Canaria and can take place in the Netherlands as well as in Spain. During this intensive retreat you will take on the challenge, both physically and mentally. Every day we take a long walk to clear our head, find inspiration and unleash creativity. During the walks you will receive photo assignments that let you look at the world differently. We fill the days with talk & do sessions to achieve your goal. In addition, there is room for free time. Meals and drinks are of course included. The duration and schedule depends on the chosen location.

This retreat is the most comprehensive retreat in which you not only want to work on content, but also choose to relax, be inspired and recharge.  



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working together

winfred van den bor

I believe that walking will unleash something in you. That it creates peace and space for new ideas and developments. Several studies underscore the usefulness of walking in nature. That is why walking is always part of my approach. So it is not surprising that I organize retreats. I bring my years of experience as a manager with often (politically) complicated organizations and my knowledge as a coach, so that you can take the next step in your development. Do you put on the naughty shoes?

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