tailor-made group trip

walking and relaxing under the Spanish sun

There is a tailor-made group trip especially for groups of friends, family holidays and team trips. A combination of walking, good food and relaxation. This group tour is tailor-made for you and takes place in Gran Canaria.

Do you recognize this?


That everything is arranged in advance for the trip. That a car is ready for you to take you to a wonderful finca. A finca with a swimming pool, beautiful views and a lot of comfort. That you are taken on a special walk every day. And that the food is always ready for you.

Wouldn't that bring a lot of rest and relaxation? Delicious!

This trip is based on the Gran Canaria walking retreat. Read more about the possible content of the program, such as spectacular walks. 

Wandelpad retraite Spanje - Gran Canaria

why walk?

Walking has a special effect on the brain. It calms your brain and neutralizes stress because walking uses those parts of the brain that produce stress hormones. During a walk they are no longer able to do this. The outside air makes your brain function better. By walking in nature for a few days you improve your intellectual capacity up to 50%. It also has a very positive effect on your mood.

Discover spectacular views

Stay on a wonderful finca

I like to be your guide

winfred van den bor wandelvakantie groepsreis op maat

Walking makes something in your class. It creates peace and makes room for new ideas and developments. Several studies underline the usefulness of walking in nature.

During this tailor-made group trip, we take an inspiring walk every day. We coordinate this difficulty of the walks together. The rest of the program is about relaxation and good food. Enjoy the Spanish sun and culture. 

I like to be your guide and take all the organization off your hands. Shall we go?