online retreat

Do you want to work at a location of your choice? Do you want to set the pace yourself? Then a home retreat is really something for you. On the basis of walks and assignments you will find peace, overview and insight. From there you start working on change. You can choose an extensive program or short challenges.

home retreat

in 21 steps to
your future

You work out the plan for your future on the basis of 21 assignments. First you reflect on the present, then you dream about the future and finally you form the path that leads to that future. This program can be consecutive as well as a 3-week retreat or split up into different periods. And independently or under supervision. 


3 days

During these short challenges you will work on a theme in 3 days based on daily walks and assignments. In addition to the 3 basic challenges, a new theme challenge appears every month. You do the challenges independently. Guidance is only possible during the launch of a theme challenge. 

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ebook Bewegen. Zien. Veranderen.

Free e-book

TO MOVE. SEE. Change.

This e-book contains, in addition to many backgrounds,
6 tips with you get started right away can get moving, go to the world differently to see change.