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Together with City Safari, Schaap and Wolf developed the Diversity Approach for organizations that want to work with diversity from within the organization.

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Do you want to work with diversity because your workforce no longer matches the customers or do you want to increase your target group outside your trusted customer base? Or maybe both. But don't you know how? 

The diversity approach makes diversity negotiable and concrete within your team or organization. Below you will find the 4 parts of the approach.

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The first part starts with an introduction on diversity. Then we jointly formulate the answer to the question why diversity is important to the organization. Then we will work on selected themes such as cultural differences in the workplace, recruitment of staff, marketing, etc. We will formulate an answer to the problem before us.

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In the third part, we work with the experiences gained during the City Safari to draw up an action plan that has enough tools to get started immediately. We look at the theme with new eyes. Then we talk to experts who know what it is like to overcome barriers when it comes to a disability, a different culture or lifestyle.

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The City Safari is the second part of the approach. Participants visit people in small groups at their home, in their teahouse, temple, workshop or studio. Each group has three visits with people who match the issue of the organization in terms of disability, background, lifestyle or culture. They can ask anything. There are no taboos as long as there is respect. They are guided by their curiosity.

plan of action

The result should not only be a practical guide for a manager or department, but above all an insight, supported by the organization, into how they deal with diversity in the future.


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Theater Walhalla wants to respond more to the changing composition of their home city of Rotterdam. They think they should be a theater where all Rotterdammers can feel. 

The composition of the staff and public did not yet match this ambition, which is why they opted for the City Safari and Schaap en Wolf Approach Diversity. You can read extensively about their experiences in this blog

Would you like to exchange ideas about the effect that the Diversity Approach can have on your organization?

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The Diversity Approach focuses on the discussion about diversity within and with the organization. Inspiring personal encounters with people from diverse cultural backgrounds are an important part of this. This approach was developed by City Safari in collaboration with Schaap and Wolf.

With City Safari, Marjolijn Masselink has been organizing personal encounters with the unknown other for more than 20 years in order to reduce the distance between groups in society and to remove prejudices. Many ministries, municipalities, companies and organizations successfully went on City Safari. Winfred van den Bor coaches, under the name Schaap en Wolf, entrepreneurs, managers and teams, who want to perform better.

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