hiking retreats

The location and the program of the retreat offer sufficient possibilities to keep distance from each other. The airline and I will ask all participants about their health. 

Should the retreat be canceled due to national or international measures regarding the coronavirus, you will be refunded the full amount paid to Schaap en Wolf within one month of cancellation. 

During a walking retreat you distance yourself from everyday life. You come back to yourself completely. The retreat consists of walks, a substantive program, and free time.

A maximum of 9 people will participate in the walking retreat, unless stated otherwise. This way the retreat will be as intensive as possible with sufficient attention for everyone. And then there is enough rest to come to yourself.

In the Netherlands, the retreats take place at locations that are easily accessible by car. We also try to connect well to public transport, but if necessary we provide transport to and from a public transport stop to the location.

In Gran Canaria we collect at the airport of the island. From there we are transported to the village where we are staying. At the end of the retreat, we will bring you back to the airport. After booking you will receive which flights you can best book.

Of course you can arrive earlier or leave later from the island and I will even be happy to help you with tips for transport, accommodation and activities. But both the departure and end point of the retreat is at the airport. If you get there earlier, we will see you at the airport and you stay longer than you leave from the airport to your next destination on the island.

We are going for brisk walks. In Gran Canaria this is sometimes with a significant increase over narrow paths. It is therefore important that you have good mobility and that you have some fitness. If you are unsure or have more questions, mail me.

Before the retreat I will send you extensive information in preparation. From shoe and clothing advice to how we can be reached in an emergency.

home retreat

The home retreat is a 21-day program. Every day consists of: a walk with a photo assignment, an elaboration assignment and reflection.

At the end of the home retreat, you have concrete step-by-step plans to achieve your chosen goal. 

New assignments become available every day after registration. You can do this for 21 days in a row, but if that does not work out, you can also spread it over a longer period. For example, by breaking it into three blocks of a week. You set the pace yourself. 

The guidance depends on the chosen home retreat. With basic you do not receive guidance, with standard you get daily feedback on your assignments and with deluxe you also have 4 conversations via Zoom. 

Have you started the basic or standard home retreat and would you prefer more guidance? Mail me than for the possibilities.

books and plans

You can book the walking retreat and the home retreat directly via the website. You can pay via Ideal or with a credit card. 

Would you rather pay by invoice than mail me. Then you can pay later with Ideal or by bank transfer. 

The corporate retreats are tailor-made, which is why they are always based on an offer based on an invoice. 

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