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winfred van den bor

One of my passions is walking, the greatest problem solver out there. That is exactly why being active and walking are part of my working method. In my own way I guide you on the way to your goal. It makes me happy to empower you. I have years of experience as a coaching manager in politically often complicated organizations. In 2019 I completed the training to become a professional coach. Added up, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in many different situations. So with me you are at the right place for the next step in your career, the development of your team or to further develop yourself as an entrepreneur.


my background

I studied law at Leiden University and worked for some time with state lawyer Pels Rijcken. After that I worked for the Rotterdam City Council, first as a policy officer and then as a senior communication officer and during the 2010 municipal elections I was responsible for all communications and events of the PvdA Rotterdam. After the election win it was time for me to take a different direction. Successively I held management positions at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, the Ro Theater and Theater Rotterdam. At Scapino I was also chairman of the works council. I was actively involved in complex processes in all organizations, such as cutbacks, reorganisations and mergers. I wrote the blog about these processes 10 tips (or warnings) about mergers and reorganisations. In 2019 I completed the Coach training at the Academy of Psychodynamics and started with Schaap and Wolf. City Safari and Schaap and Wolf jointly developed the Diversity Approach.



At one point I was no longer comfortable in my own skin. As a manager, I had struggled through an intensive merger. And within that new organization full of uncertainties, homesickness and tensions, I took on too much hay in an attempt to steer change into the right direction. An energy-consuming situation that also had an impact on the rest of my life. I was drawn into the flow of a life that I did not want, but which I could not - and did not want to escape at the time. Until it didn't work anymore and I had to throw it in because of a burnout.

I climbed up from a deep valley and was able to recharge my energy. But how should I proceed? I came to the conclusion that self-examination on my own was too difficult a task. I had the luxury of having one time because I was not yet working and my former employer was responsible for the costs of a coaching program. Together with a coach I went looking for myself and my qualities, dreams and passions. She helped me to look at myself and my life in a different way.

About the same time I started hiking trails for the first time. I experienced the healing effect of walking during day trips in my own country. Not much later I went into the mountains of Gran Canaria for the first time. Oh man, what peace that brought me. And with that peace came insight.

The coaching and the lonely walks regularly caused confrontations with myself and that was not always fun. But I learned a lot about myself in a short time. About who I am. What and who are important to me. Where I want to go in my life. What my strengths and weaknesses are. And especially where my real passion lies. I sometimes joke that a burnout is the best thing that can happen to anyone. But then of course you have to make the most of the recovery process.

And those confrontations with myself? I never stopped doing that. I have gathered a number of positively critical people around me who regularly hold up a mirror to me, both solicited and unsolicited. Moreover, I still go into the mountains for a few weeks a year to find peace, insight and inspiration. And I keep learning something new about myself and what is important to me. That's why I never regret those investments in real attention to myself. They bring me more than they cost me.

If I hadn't given myself that time and effort, I probably would have been a manager somewhere again. A job with a good salary, but where the challenge and fun would be finished within a few years, as always. I sincerely believe that I would then be locked into a system of acceptable jobs that would not make me happy in the end. Simply because that is not my passion.

And now, now I am an independent entrepreneur with all the risks and uncertainties that go with it. But I don't doubt for a moment, this is what I want to do.


my life

Those professional and personal experiences have made me who I am. Analytical, sharp, direct, sometimes somewhat stubborn but always curious with a good listening ear. I live super fine in Rotterdam with my cat Timmie. My house is also called Winnie's soup kitchen, because I regularly have friends to eat for a good meal, fine wine and games or a good conversation. My spicy meatballs are the most popular dish. From my lovely roof terrace I like to look out over the lively city. As soon as I leave town, I prefer to walk on deserted forest paths or climb inhospitable mountain peaks. With the bustle of the city far behind me, I completely relax there and look at the world with a different view. With my photo camera I like to capture both the vast landscape and the smallest insect.

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