the 21 steps of Ing

Inge took up the challenge with herself for three weeks in June. Together we look back on 21 inspiring and confrontational steps that may change her life. 

In June, Inge took up the challenge with herself for three weeks the 21 steps to your future. Together we look back on the three inspiring and confrontational weeks that may change her life. 

this is instilled

The tough and cozy Inge from Flevoland is in the middle of life. She works in a finance department in the cultural sector. In her free time she likes to step into the club life of her rowing club or treat friends to a delicious BBQ in her backyard. She can use all her creativity in her paintings. 

this was her challenge

Now that life, after a heart attack and difficult changes at work, is back in calmer waters, it is the perfect time for Inge to think about what she wants to do in the coming years. She took the home retreat to think hard about the future. 

“With 10 years of work ahead, I want to get the most out of life. The work I do is fine, but I want more. A better balance between work and private life, for example, and that is difficult with a job in Rotterdam. But I would also like to do something that I can use more creativity and more satisfaction. The home retreat seemed a good way to start looking for my dreams and how I can realize them. ”


these are her experiences

Her home retreat takes place at a time when she works from home because of the coronavirus. This gave her enough space for the walks and to work out the assignments well. The last week she took time off from work so that she could fully focus on working out her plan for the future.

“Don't let me wrap around. I thought it was spicy! In the beginning I mainly had to get used to a different rhythm. And the assignments are sometimes not easy, because I had to take a critical look at myself. In a few moments, I was really dreaded by that, but Winfred's daily support has helped me on my way every time. ”

Een wandeling tijdens de thuisretraite

The walking and the photos

Hiking is an important part of the home retreat. It brings peace to your head and thus room for new ideas and insights. During the walks, Inge received a photo assignment every day that allowed her to look at the world in a different way.

“I love being outside, but I've never walked as fanatically as during these three weeks. It has changed my view of hiking, because it really brings peace. The photo assignments were fun and creative. It made me look at the world differently. Where it is customary to look around you during a holiday, I just pass things by at home. That is a shame because from everything I see I can make a story. And that inspires. Walking has become even more surprising. ”

Een opdracht tijdens de thuisretraite

The assignments

The home retreat consists of 21 steps that lead to a concrete end result: a plan for the future. The assignments start with a reflection on yourself and your life. After that there is room to dream and choose what goal you want to set yourself. And finally you get started to make a plan to achieve that goal.

“The assignments are often very confrontational, because they are about yourself. But the assignments were always small concrete steps in the right direction. I also understood why I had to take those steps to find out what I want to achieve and why. The assignments are like puzzle pieces that together form the overview. That worked well for me. ”


The feedback

You can do the home retreat completely independently or under supervision. Inge chose to do the retreat with daily feedback on the assignments and with four 1-to-1 sessions via Zoom. The guidance turned out to be not only a stick for Inge, but also a good way to work on her confidence.

“I ran into a lot of bears on the road. I tell myself too often and too quickly that I cannot do something or that I am not good enough at it. Winfred's guidance ensured that I did not shy away from those bears but confronted them. Winfred has been thinking along with me, giving advice and very often reassuring. He asks when it is necessary and regularly puts his finger on the sore spot. I am happy that I was able to conquer the bears in this way, otherwise I would never have reached this end result. ”


this is her result

Plan voor de toekomst tijdens de thuisretraite

The home retreat is not only focused on giving peace and reflecting. The assignments lead to a concrete end result: a plan for the future. In the last week, all puzzle pieces fall into place at Inge. She made a clear choice and before she knows it she has the timetable for the coming months on paper. 

“I am amazed at the end result. It is as concrete as I had hoped, but really in a completely different direction than I expected. I thought I would look for a job closer to home or retrain to a more creative profession. Now I know that painting is the passion that I will make my work of. I become an entrepreneur and now I know which steps I have to take in the near future and more importantly: I am confident that I can do it! Time for a new beginning. ”


And Inge doesn't let any grass grow over it. Her home office has since been relegated to the attic to make room for her studio. There she goes to work to expand her collection of beautiful paintings. She goes to the farmer with those paintings through events and her own website. In the coming years she wants to grow into a successful company that she can live on until and after her retirement.

“I am really proud of Inge. She diligently threw herself into the home retreat and overcame herself. She ran into a lot of bumps in those three weeks and sometimes she just might not like it. But she now knows what she wants and that's what she's going for. And she has grown so much in three weeks that I have no doubt that she will succeed. Good luck Inge! ”


Questions about Inge's home retreat? [email protected]

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the 21 steps of Ing

Inge took up the challenge with herself for three weeks in June. Together we look back on 21 inspiring and confrontational steps that may change her life. 

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