Marjolijn Masselink and City Safari

Marjolijn wanted to take a closer look at City Safari to fully focus on her company and to build a renewed future full of energy. This is a look back at her trajectory with Sheep and Wolf.

This is a review of the trajectory that entrepreneur Marjolijn Masselink did with Schaap and Wolf.

these are Marjolijn and city safari

Marjolijn Masselink en City Safari

City Safari organizes meetings with the unknown other. Entrepreneur Marjolijn Masselink is convinced that a personal meeting can bridge differences between socially or culturally different groups, as long as it takes place out of curiosity and with respect for each other. Since the company was founded in 1998, it has hosted more than 100,000 meetings between strangers. Many governments, companies and institutions use its network and expertise to get knowledge from the city or to work with diversity.

this was her goal

Marjolijn has been active for several years as a daily director of the Rotterdam Centrum district and as chairman of a social advisory board. As a result, sales have declined and this must change. But picking up the thread again is easier said than done.

"Where do I start? I have never consciously done anything about marketing, how do I make a good plan for that?"


In fact, Marjolijn wanted to take a good look at all her work within City Safari in order to regain her focus on the company and to build a renewed future full of energy. A challenge that we took up with four hands.

"Winfred has already crossed my path in many ways. It started with our joint commitment to the Roparun team in political Rotterdam. His new entrepreneurship and my reorientation on City Safari seemed to be a good match. I have said without hesitation to our joint challenge"


the chosen approach in practice

This program, like my other programs, consists of an inspiration session, a number of walks and talk & do sessions about the different themes that come up on the table.

Brainstorm met ondernemer

overview of the situation

During the inspiration session we first looked for the overview. We asked ourselves a number of questions. What is the state of affairs and where do we want to go? How does City Safari work and how does it get its customers? What role does Marjolijn play within the company and what is

changed since the start? With the answers to these questions in mind, the first insights have already emerged. Based on this, we determined the first steps we wanted to take.

"I hate structures devised by others, creepy about being controlled by someone other than myself and I shouldn't think about brainstorming and sticking post-its. To my great surprise, Winfred's approach gave air and thinking space and sticking those post-its was an insurmountable fringe phenomenon. ”

process moddelling ondernemer

Passion and energy leaks

During the inspiration session, we concluded that the City Safari process has grown organically and that streamlining could provide benefits. We therefore brought on the basis of process modeling map the main process of City Safari. We simplified a number of tasks or moved them to a better place in the process. This created one clear process.

But we also discovered that part of the tasks Marjolijn gives a lot of energy, but that other tasks are huge energy leaks. We looked for the causes to find a solution. And that solution was actually there. Marjolijn will mainly focus on her passion and what she is good at. Then the energy builds up on its own. She will perform or outsource tasks that require a lot of energy in particular.

“Physically moving ensures oxygen supplies the brain. When the body is reassured with a walk, the head is given the space to develop new ideas. ”

process moddelling ondernemer

Plan for the future

The biggest question is often: where and how do I start? As long as you have not yet determined a strategy, it is difficult to focus on the steps you need to take towards your goal. That is why Marjolijn and I started looking for her strategy. First of all, we investigated why City Safari is actually on earth and wrote its mission, vision and the accompanying core message. Marjolijn can now always fall back on those texts if she has to determine whether an activity suits City Safari and what content an expression of City Safari must have. That gives focus!

Then we set up a plan to achieve the actual goal of increased sales. This plan for the future mainly responds to those things that Marjolijn is good at and what gives her energy. She also pays a lot of attention to personal branding, corporate storytelling and more extensive versions of the product that better address the problems that its customers are struggling with. We have also developed a step-by-step plan for how it can re-approach existing relationships and bind new ones.

“I hate imposed homework since I was 8 years old. I have discovered that I am now able to do self-conceived homework well and that I am increasingly succeeding in making to do done. ”


on the way to the future

Marjolijn has set the course for City Safari and is organizing new energy explorations through the city. We will continue to cooperate with each other because we have found each other in the Approach Diversity which she offers to governments, companies and institutions who seriously want to work with diversity within their organization. Do you want to know more about that approach? Please mail to [email protected]!

"I am very happy with the confidence that Marjolijn has given me to guide her as an entrepreneur coach on her way to the future. This very smooth cooperation will stay with me for a long time. Because I am also learning from every process that I finish with someone else. Of course I would like to thank her very much for her cooperation on this case. "


Questions about this case? [email protected]

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