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Of course it is easy to stand still now. To be resigned to the fact that 2020 has been canceled. And to wallow in the grief about it. The world has not been normal for months and the future is extremely uncertain. An easy excuse to stop looking ahead.

UPDATE: In this weird time, the situation is rapidly changing. The outbreak of the coronavirus is well under control and the borders are reopening. That is why the walking retreat will continue in the autumn. If the situation deteriorates to such an extent that travel is no longer allowed, you will receive your money back. So you can now book without risk.

Of course it is easy to stand still now. To be resigned to the fact that 2020 has been canceled. And to wallow in the grief about it. The world has not been normal for months and the future is extremely uncertain. An easy excuse to stop looking ahead.

Yes, I speak from experience. The corona crisis also has a major impact on my life. Life as a self-employed person came to a virtual standstill as a result. You close the door from one day to the next. Not only because demand was declining, but also because I felt that in order to be able to coach properly, I should be able to look a client in the eye, see shuffling with my feet or fiddling with my hands. That non-verbal communication sometimes says more than the words someone says. And I also like a very active way of coaching in which we work together on a subject.

Looking back, I think it was an excuse not to adjust to another world. Sometimes a person apparently has to turn in his own loss. It is no mean feat when something you have thrown yourself into with full conviction is brought to a standstill by a virus that you really cannot do anything about. Except dealing with it.

It took me a while to get to that point. And that is not surprising, because it was quite a bit. I had dreams for 2020. The highlight was the two planned retreats. I had to say goodbye to that dream for this year. Saying goodbye is a process much like bereavement. Especially the paralyzing phase in the beginning makes a big impression on me afterwards. Hanging out on the couch without energy and watching episode after episode of the good and bad series that Netflix has to offer. Little of that has lingered. Then came the anger and sadness about my plans falling into the water. But in the end, I had to face reality and accept that 2020 is not the year of the retreats in the mountains is going to be. So: let go, move on and make new plans.

I now have plenty of time for those new plans. But having time and taking time for it are two different things. Looking ahead starts with the decision to get moving. Not out of necessity, but because you want to. I wrote a blog about it before the desire to change. To get to that desired change point where I can open my eyes to new possibilities, I have to go through the aforementioned grieving process.

Time to get started. And it is important to literally get moving. I started with a daily morning walk. Just in the neighborhood for at least an hour. Take in images of the surroundings, become curious about sounds and see nature blossom. Walking releases something in you. Your head comes to rest and there is room for inspiration and new ideas. At the same time you take time for reflection and contemplation. And that will be necessary if all plans for 2020 go to the trash.

I asked myself the necessary questions:

  • Do I believe in what I do?
  • Do I keep doing this if I can?
  • Is my long-term goal still realistic?
  • Can I achieve that goal if I sit still?

So far it has been very simple. I cannot sit still and will have to adapt. But the search for 'the new idea' was a lot more difficult. I quickly realized that a new product must above all be of good quality and offer added value to clients. Not a half-hearted emergency solution that I really cannot support, but a full-fledged product. Not a temporary replacement for my offer, but a permanent addition. And of course completely corona proof.

During my search I got a call from Michelle. She wanted to know when another retreat would take place. Because right now she had a great need for rest, reflection and contemplation. A question that unfortunately I could not answer satisfactorily. Simply because I had no answer.

But her question got me thinking. Like her and I, many people find themselves in an uncertain situation with the need to look ahead and get started with their future. A retreat would provide a solution, but in my current setup it doesn't work. Flying is not possible, working in groups is not possible and renting a holiday home is also not possible. What is possible? A retreat at home!

Yes, good idea, but how? That was quite a puzzle. A retreat where I am not physically present requires a completely different approach. Ultimately there is now a retreat program of 3 weeks. With a fixed daily rhythm consisting of walks, assignments and relaxation. Daily personal feedback on the assignments and four digital sessions monitor the quality and ensure that the participant can take significant steps in three weeks.
I am quite proud of it!

Putting a new product on the market is always difficult. If you have any tips in terms of sales channels, please let me know. Or you may want to recommend the home retreat to colleagues, friends or family. Your help is welcome!

Finally, tips
For those who are still in the paralysis phase, I have the 6 Netflix viewing tips:

  • Hollywood
  • Into the night
  • Outlander
  • Vikings
  • La casa de las flores
  • La casa de papel

For those who are done with Netflix and want to get started with the future:

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2 thoughts on “Met een doel voor ogen”

  1. Ingrid Gerrits

    Ohhh, do I understand here that at the end of October to November 7, 2020, hiking retreat on Cran Canaria has been canceled? I am interested and I thought it would be possible again by then. There is also flying again….
    I would like to hear about it, because if it does go ahead, I will book immediately. Best regards. Ingrid

    1. Ha Ingrid,
      In these weird times, sometimes things change quickly. This time it is positive, because I have decided to continue the retreat in the fall.

      I will also add that to this blog!

      Regards, Winfred

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