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My no-nonsense retreat in Gran Canaria makes many people curious. For example, I regularly get questions about the topics someone can work on during the coaching sessions.

My no-nonsense retreat in Gran Canaria makes many people curious. For example, I regularly get questions about the topics someone can work on during the coaching sessions.

First of all, it is good to say that you cannot of course solve complex problems such as a burnout during a retreat. It is not a week of miracle cure. More complex issues require a longer process to deepen and tackle the various aspects of the situation.

Of course, such a week full of inspiration and confrontations with yourself can lead to the insight that a burnout is waiting for you around the corner. And that you decide that prevention is better than cure. This brings us directly to topics that you can work on during a retreat. Below I give a number of examples.


Unsustainable crowds are often the first reason why you think of a retreat. Because the hustle and bustle of your life slowly exhausts you. And that is not surprising, because you run around all day long. At some point, the energy is really gone. Then it is high time to really take the time for yourself and recharge for a week.

A quick breakfast, catching the train, a busy working day, sports, dinner, your family and your social life, your favorite Netflix series, etc. It really doesn't fit in one day. And because of that busyness you also sleep worse than you normally would. Time for change!

A retreat gives you the space to unwind. You shut yourself off completely from your daily life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the island where it is always spring. Where you stay in a quiet secluded location with a swimming pool in the sun. Life can't get any better, can it?

Get an overview and set priorities

Getting an overview of your life and your work brings a lot of clarity. For example, about activities that cost you more energy than they yield, or things you actually do only because others expect it from you. And sometimes you don't even know when something has become part of your life or your work.

Your friendships have lost their depth, your work gives little satisfaction and all the interesting hobbies you once had are a thing of the past. Actually, you are a bit tired of your superficial life that no longer energizes or inspires you. Time for change!

When you have an overview, you can also set priorities and make choices to do things differently. For example, by setting boundaries at work, by focusing on a concrete ambition, by making better agreements about the division of tasks at home, by whether or not participating in the group lessons at the gym and by determining which social obligations you also have actually want to do.

My own experience is that it is difficult to create this overview on your own and to set priorities afterwards. You can easily get around a problem on your own. You do not ask yourself that one extra sharp question or you are not completely honest. A coach makes sure you look for the real pain points so that you can recognize them, acknowledge them and make a decision about them.

Together we can create an overview, determine what is important to you and consider the steps in which you can work towards a situation in which you can function optimally again.

Making an important choice

Everyone faces important choices at different times in life. Are you going for growth at your current employer or are you looking for a new next step in your career? Or do you want to take a completely different approach by retraining or starting your own business?

You have had the same job for years and you see colleagues getting promoted or switching employers. You have been doubting for some time which step you want and can take. Time for action!

To make a weighty choice, you need to map out the situation well and have a clear view of what is important to you. We also look at what stood in the way of a decision until then. And once you have made a decision, how do you deal with it? What steps do you take and who or what do you need? Then you can get straight back to work in the Netherlands.

Develop your own profile

You know where you want to go with your career or company, but you have doubts about the way in which you can market yourself. Or you lack the self-confidence to choose a profile and propagate this. Together we can look for the profile you need to achieve your goal. And make a step-by-step plan to shape that profile. I can also give you extra tips based on my marketing experience.

Your employer has informed you that it does not want to continue with you. A big disappointment, but you want to get back to work quickly. So apply. But it has been a long time since you had to promote yourself. What exactly are your strengths? How do you distinguish yourself from others? And which pitfalls should you be aware of? Time to get started!

These are just four topics that you can tackle during the retreat week in Gran Canaria. What would you like to work on on a retreat?

You can respond below this message, via [email protected] or through my LinkedIn.

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