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In my previous blog I wrote about my big dream of organizing hiking retreats in Gran Canaria. During these retreats, 2 starting points are central: moving and looking at the world from a different perspective. Those two core concepts always come first when I coach someone. Also here in the Netherlands, because these are two things that I firmly believe have an enormous influence on me, on you and on the changes you want to realize.

So the dream starts now… here, just in Rotterdam!

Who am I ready for?

I guide managers, entrepreneurs and their teams in the field of personal and professional development. People with the will and ambition to grow and bring out the best in themselves.

The manager who wants to become a leader

An average supervisor or director is often quite capable of achieving the necessary results with his / her department or organization. But what manager doesn't dream of being the inspiring leader loved by employees, valued by colleagues and recognized by his industry? I want that manager likes to guide him in his growth towards leadership.

The entrepreneur who wants to be successful

No entrepreneur starts their own business hoping to be unsuccessful. Yet it is not always easy to build and grow your business. Just a good idea or good intentions are not enough. I want that entrepreneur help start his business, grow sales and maintain his pleasure in doing business.

The team that wants to achieve better results together

Every department or organization consists of a group of individuals, each with their own task that contributes to the whole. But not every group works as a team that jointly tries to achieve the best result. I want the team coaching that goes together for the optimal result.

How do I handle it?

I work differently from most coaches. We don't keep making an appointment for an hour to talk to each other in a good chair. I work from my vision move, see, change within a program that is fully focused on your desired goal.


Exercise ensures that your brain works differently and that you get space in your head for other ideas and thoughts. That's why as a coach I like to be active with you on topics and we regularly go outside for a long walk. The primary movement of walking calms your head. That space in your head gives space to new thoughts. You will see that the conversation takes a different turn more often.


By seeing, I mean that we always look at situations from different points of view. In this way, we discover other ways in which you can profile yourself or, for example, how you can interact with colleagues to achieve better results. For example, we use association cards to tell about your story or experience using an image. Or we use a metaphor to look at a situation in a different way. And of course we work a lot with real-life examples.


Change is good. It does not mean that you are doing something wrong now, but that you are achieving your goal better or faster in another way. For example, that you will work much more effectively, that you inspire your team to better performance or that you make your company more successful. This often requires a change in the way you look at the world and in the way you behave towards others. As a coach I would like to realize this change with you.


Many coaches work on the basis of an hourly invoice system in which an appointment is made for the next time in the hope of eventually achieving the desired growth. I prefer to work with programs as a blueprint for your process of change. A fixed number of walks and talk & do sessions, combined with homework assignments, inspiration material and online support (also after the program). The interpretation of our meetings is of course completely tailored to the manager, entrepreneur if it team need.

When do you choose me?

First of all, you must have the will to grow and change. Without that surrender, there is little point in going to a coach. I want you to feel like it, because then you get the most out of the process that we will go through together!

Second, you are looking for a program where the focus is on you and your development. The design of the programs is always tailor-made, so that every step you take is part of the change you want to achieve for you and / or your team.

Third, you like to be active. Do you not want to sit in a chair for hours talking, but do you want to actively tackle subjects?

Fourthly, you don't want to move from appointment to appointment, but you want to work on everything you have already learned in between our meetings. You can take the lessons you learn from it to our next appointment.

Fifth, you are looking for a coach who is both well trained and much experience has as manager. You get my knowledge of marketing and communication as a bonus.

Finally, you think the process should be fun. Humor always plays a major role for me.

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