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After my previous blog, I was overwhelmed by the many enthusiastic responses. Not only from people around me, but also from total strangers. Heartwarming and reason to quickly get back into the pen.

After my previous blog, I was overwhelmed by the many enthusiastic responses. Not only from people around me, but also from total strangers. Heartwarming and reason to quickly get back into the pen. A single critical reader commented: "Before I congratulate you, I really want to know what you're going to do." You're right Marc, there was nothing in it about what I'm actually going to do. This new blog sheds a glimpse into the future dream that I will make come true within a few years.

Dream with me!

The narrow path winds up the mountain. Ascending to the top at 1500 meters we enjoy the panoramic view. The view is different around every bend of the path and every step you take in a world completely unknown to you. I took you to the island of Gran Canaria, away from the traditional present in order to get away from the grind of the day and the compulsion of habit. The distance to the real world provides proximity to a dream world. The isolation of the island ensures that you can surrender for a whole week to a dream world without barriers and full of new perspectives. The sea surrounds the island, where you can rinse off the old in the surf. In the middle are mountains where you climb up on lonely hiking trails to the inhospitable peaks of the Chimirique, where you can look into the future without worldly distractions and look at the valley below from a completely different perspective. When you descend to Barranco de los Cercícales you will see that the water flows through the greenery full of life to unexpected places. After the panoramic view at the top, you will be amazed at the smallness of life in the valley. In quiet mountain villages, at the long-abandoned cave houses of Acusa, you discover how the world can turn. I will show you another side of this island, which generally has a very shallow tourist reputation. I always do this out of commitment, out of sincere interest and with respect. In doing so, I can take a step forward, but I can also stand still, so that we can marvel at what is happening to us.

Experience together

Because we experience it together with five others, a strong bond grows, so that you dare to show your self to each other and share intense experiences with each other. Back in the finca, which we call our home for a week, you can reflect in your own way on the impressions of the day, for example by enjoying the pool, the sunset or by participating in yoga or meditation. During the joint cooking of authentic dishes such as paella or Rancho Canario and afterwards at the table, you share experiences, lessons and questions with each other. So after a week you go home with a little more of yourself and an unforgettable experience.

Two passions come together

I included you in my dream a retreat where walking and coaching are central. Walking provides strenuous relaxation where you go back to zero, to the blank page of where you learn to look at the world through new perspectives and get inspired to get moving. With my support, you can convert that change into different views, new habits and taking up a different place in the world. The group process is of great importance here. You search and discover together.

Gran Canaria

That the retreats take place in Gran Canaria does not come out of the blue. In the meantime I have walked many a walking route across the island and I am always surprised by the tranquility and variety. On some walks you won't meet anyone, so you can fully enjoy nature and the view. For me it is the place where I come back to myself completely. Where I can settle on the solid ground in the mountains and on the wet sand on the coast. That is an experience that I would like to share with everyone. That is why I want to hit the trails for at least 7 weeks a year with a group of up to 6 people within three years. In autumn 2020 we will go on a retreat for the first time! Are you coming?

Sorry Marc (and other readers), now you still don't know what I'm going to do if I don't go for a walk with you. Next time I'll tell you more about it.

Now that you know my dream, I am also very curious about yours! Leave it in response below this message or send me a private message. I wait anxiously.

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