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You can't have missed it: I regularly write blogs about coaching, retreats and my own experiences. I really understand that you are not going to read all blogs. You're busy enough right ?! That is why I am posting every month this year an overview of the 3 best-read blogs of the month before. With a short summary. Nice and easy. It is a small effort for me and it saves you a lot of time.

This is the January overview.

#1: Why I believe in exercise

Movement is the essence of my approach. Exercise, and especially walking, has a special effect on the brain. In this blog I explain, including scientific substantiation, what exercise does to you.

Read the entire blog here

#2: The importance of looking (and being seen)

This blog takes a closer look at the second element of my motto 'Exercise. See. Change.' After a brief explanation of how subjectively the eyes perceive, I will show you that looking at the world or yourself from a different perspective can yield a lot. With many practical examples.

Read the entire blog here

#3: My big dream

In this blog I tell about the dream of organizing retreats in Gran Canaria. I will take you up the mountain in words and tell you about the two passions that led me there.

Read the entire blog here

I hope that I have been able to share valuable and inspiring knowledge and information with you again. If you have any questions or would like to know more about a specific topic, drop me a line or post a comment below.

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