walk in 8 days to insight

Find peace, focus and inspiration
under the Spanish sun

Charged by the Spanish sun and probably with tired legs, you will leave Gran Canaria after a week. Inspired and motivated you return home with more overview than you have ever had. You pick up your life with full of confidence, and with both hands. You gained an unforgettable experience , you have made great new friends and you can from now on enjoy the delicious Spanish cuisine at home. But above all, you know that from now on walking gives you peace of mind, overview and insight to make decisions. And that those decisions will only be successful when you keep looking at the world from different perspectives. 

Depending on the group composition, the program is in Dutch or in Dutch and English.

6 inspiring walks that will trigger you

Walking has a special effect on the brain. It calms your brain and neutralizes stress because walking uses those parts of the brain that produce stress hormones. During a walk they are no longer able to do this. The outside air makes your brain function better. By walking in nature for a few days improve your intellectual capacity up to 50%. That is why often when walking the best ideas come to mind. And then it also influences your mood enormously positively.

Hiking in Gran Canaria is a special experience. You will be surprised in every valley the varied nature that the island has to offer. It is not without reason that the island is listed no less than 5 times Unesco World Heritage List. And the island was declared one by UNESCO in 2005 World Biosphere Reserve because of the enormously varied nature on the island. During the six walks below you will discover this diversity with your own eyes.

Overview and action through 1-on-1 coaching

Video afspelen

During the walks, cooking and meals there is plenty of opportunity to talk, exchange ideas and learn from each other's experiences. But you achieve the optimal result during the 1-on-1 coaching. During the first session we make you personal wheel of life. I explain how that works in the video next to this text. This handy remedy quickly gives an overview of your life. Based on this overview, we choose which aspect of your life we will work on this week. Every day we work together for 30 minutes. In total, we will work on your development for about 3.5 hours. I am sure that you will return home as a different person.  

what they say about me

Photography to look differently

Everyone sees the world differently and experiences situations differently. That is because every person has his own perspective applies. You can easily learn through photography to look at the world in a different way. For example, by zooming in on the details, zooming out to the whole or opting for a completely different perspective. If you are aware of the different perspectives, you can use them to reach your goal more easily. Because if you look through the eyes of a different people, you know exactly what they see and what is important to them. 

relax on the luxurious finca oasis

Our home base is Finca Oasis near Telde. You have access to this your own place where you can retreat to let the day sink in. You can of course also relax the pool or on one of the terraces with views of the surrounding orchard and mountains. The large eat-in kitchen offers many possibilities for cooking and meals can be eaten together both inside and on the terrace. A place to feel at home for a week.

the delicious Spanish cuisine

During this week we cook together with a local chef that introduces you to Spanish cuisine. For example, you learn to prepare paella and Rancho Canario. And you get the recipes home, so that you can surprise family and friends with the most delicious Spanish dishes. On the way we always eat a simple walking lunch, because you don't want to carry too much with you. On Friday we go out for dinner after a week of brisk walking my favorite tapas restaurant in Maspalomas, Maná 264. There we are extensively pampered and we taste the most delicious dishes. Your taste buds will never be short of anything in Spain!

the trip includes:

unique diary

On the first evening you will receive a unique diary in which you keep track of your experience. You work in this the daily assignments from. And of course you use it for you daily reflection. This way you get a nice report of this hiking adventure.

your personal wheel of life

During the first session we create your wheel of life together to determine what we are working on during this week. After the retreat you will receive the elaborated version of this wheel of life at home. In addition, I provide it extra tips to get started with it.

ALL photos as a reminder

During the retreat you get a camera on loan. You print 1 photo every day for the execution of the photo assignment in your diary. After the retreat you will receive all photos digitally sent. So you don't miss out on the unforgettable experience.


If you book the retreat before July 31, 2021, you will save as much as possible 25%. The offer applies to all room types.

You arrange this yourself:

after this week you have

a world of difference


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