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You want to retreat to regain focus and overview, make an important decision or get peace of mind. You've been googling for a few nights looking for a retreat that suits you, but you can't find anything. You don't want to be on a lonely silent retreat in a Buddhist monastery, you don't want to come to a yoga retreat with a large group. No, you want to actively work with yourself. You want to be challenged through assignments, reflection and professional guidance. No, you want an active no-nonsense retreat where you are not only challenged, but where there is also plenty of room for reflection under professional guidance and relaxation. Then the walking retreat in Gran Canaria is really something for you.


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Get inspiration and insights for a week during a walking retreat. Challenge yourself and push your limits as you relax, get an overview or make an important decision. Here are some things you can work on during the walking retreat.


Often unsustainable crowds are the first reason you think of a retreat. And that is not surprising, because you run rotten all day. At some point, the energy really runs out. Then it is high time to really take a week for yourself and recharge. A retreat gives you the space to relax. You completely shut yourself off from your daily routine.

Get an overview and set priorities

Getting an overview of your life and your work brings a lot of clarity. For example, about activities that cost you more energy than they yield or that you actually do things only because others expect you to. When you have an overview, you can also set priorities and make choices to approach things differently. For example, by setting limits for your work, by focusing on a concrete ambition, by making better agreements about the division of labor at home, by participating or not in the group lessons at the gym and by determining which social obligations you also have actually want to do. During the retreat you can make that overview in peace, determine what is important to you and think in which steps you can work towards a situation in which you can function optimally.

hiking retreat


There are currently no walking retreats planned in the Netherlands. More will be announced about this in the coming weeks. Stay informed and subscribe to the newsletter below.

hiking retreat


The walking retreat in Gran Canaria from Saturday to Saturday. On an island completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, you completely disconnect from your normal activities and focus on yourself. In the intake interview prior to the retreat, we discuss what exactly you want to work on during the retreat. For example, regaining your peace, creating an overview or making an important decision. During the retreat you will work on yourself for a week under professional guidance. In addition to the walks, 1-on-1 coaching and group activities, there is plenty of time to relax by the pool, on one of the terraces or in your own apartment.

The next retreat is planned from October 31 to November 7.

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